Innovative Concept
Innovative Technology
Introduction of Hengtong Group
Hengtong Group, a high-tech international industrial group in the fields of China's optical fiber optic network, energy Internet, intelligent Internet of Things, new energy and new materials. Founded in 1991, the headquarters is located in the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone Suzhou Wujiang. It has more than 70 subsidiaries (three domestic and foreign listed companies) and more than 20,000 employees (including more than 4,000 overseas).
Jiangsu Henghtong energy storage technology co., ltd
A system integrator and service provider for global energy interconnection
As the service tenet, it provides "more efficient energy", "more clean energy" "less carbon emissions" for clients by focusing on renewable energy and energy storage business. In order to assist the sustainable development of global green energy it is committed to the use of green energy and energy efficient management by providing energy system solutions of electrical energy storage for business and households, and the solutions for multi-energy complementary microgrids, integrated optical storage and charging, regional energy and smart energy management etc.
Global Operations

Against the backdrop of economic globalization, Hengtong, guided by the development principles of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation, and win-win outcomes, looks at the world map as it expands its business. It is actively accelerating the establishment of a high-tech, international enterprise group with global operations.

  • 11

    11 overseas industrial bases globally positioned

  • 40 +

    Marketing and technical service subsidiaries established in 40+ countries

  • 150 +

    Business coverage in
    150+ countries and regions

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